Where do we find this place we call "home"? Can it be a person? Or is it maybe a place? In Switzerland I have the feeling that the
mountains are waves in shock, as if someone had pressed the pause button.
Based on Herta Müller's essay "You can't belong to places" I bring together Canarian waves and Swiss mountains, my two homes, creating a dialog between Switzerland and the Canary Islands, between waves and mountains and snow and sea spray.
This is a cutout of the video Home, which originally includes ten pairs of waves and mountains.
Video, 2023
Voices: Marcus Signer and Helen Acosta
Technical Implementation: Lukas Matthys and Matthias Fitz
Translation of the Audio:
Why are you looking at me like that?
Don't tell me someone has promised you a place....
Come on.. admit it.. was it the mountain air...?
that cold, treacherous bitch...
Don't trust the mountain air, you hear?
Before you realise it, becomes a wind...
A wind that whips and hurts the mountains...
You cannot belong to places... I am sorry